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The Blue House supports the creativity of emerging and established writers, visual artists and creatives in other media because their gifts are necessary to create the feminist world in which we want to live.  It is a place to disconnect, nourish oneself and creatively focus on artistic pursuits and projects from seed to germination in a small, shared house situated in the heart of Water Valley, a small town in north Mississippi which supports a diverse artistic community. 

The Blue House offers residencies that provide a living environment for uninterrupted work, reflection and creative growth as well as retreats and workshops that nourish creative growth. The Blue House is also a place for arts-related programming that contributes to the community through public awareness and appreciation of and engagement with women artists.

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The Blue House is committed to diversity and inclusivity. The Blue House welcomes women and non-binary writers, a wide range of artists and a variety of experience levels.  We are committed to a residency experience, retreats and workshops that encompasses the widest possible selection of participants who share the feminist values of The Blue House as expressed by the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

*This beautiful and powerful quote is from writer and public intellectual David Dark, whose work you can find here: and who has a forthcoming book, We Become What We Normalize: What We Owe Each Other in Worlds That Demand Our Silence which we await with great anticipation.
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We are cancelling these two workshops and will reschedule them for the Spring, along with other great, new developments, forthcoming. Stay tuned to this space!!


307 Wagner St, Water Valley, MS 38965, USA

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